As Naturopathic Doctors we often talk about the healing power of nature and the healing power of the body. We call this the "Vis", or life force. In Traditional Chinese Medicine we call it Qi, in Reiki we call it Ki. Regardless of what it's called, it is always present and always working to bring about homeostasis, or balance, in the body.

We call upon this vis, or life force, with acupuncture or when we take a herbal or homeopathic remedy, supplements, or even when eat or exercise. When we are exposed to toxins or endure trauma or practise poor lifestyle habits, our body is always adjusting, counteracting or compensating. It continually compensates, until it is given the opportunity to heal. The opportunity can be as simple as a restorative night's sleep, yoga class, relaxing massage or a meditative state.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, as well as a compassionate practitioner, I am always striving to expand my ability and skills to be able to allow that vis to arise and do what it organically does--heal. In addition to my training as a licensed ND, I also practise Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Medical Intuition (MI).

With Medical Intuition we ask and listen to the body itself. The body speaks through sensation and images. Using MI as a tool, the body can tell us how it has been coping or compensating. MI allows the practitioner to intuit, or pick up on what an individual body wants/needs to share. It is not a treatment in itself, but is an investigative tool into the root cause of imbalance.

Through Somatic Experiencing, a person can release or discharge the body's compensations by experiencing sensations in the body. As the facilitator, I support you in doing this through counselling. SE does not attempt to re-visit past trauma. SE is aimed at allowing the body to complete the fight, flight, or freeze response that it was not able to complete at the time of the trauma, or overwhelming event (even if that event took place many years ago).

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I am so excited to bring these new tools to my work as a Naturopathic Doctor and I look forward to facilitating you on your healing journey

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